ML Acceleration with Kria KV260

LogicTronix is Design Service Partner of Xilinx Kria SoM for AI/ML. Visit Xilinx-LogicTronix Partnership at here [Link]

Xilinx Kria SoM is best suited for “edge based ML acceleration” as it have the UltraScale+ FPGA fabric (Programmable Logic-PL), ARM APU, RPU and video encoding/decoding (VCU) hard block. Kria SoM can fit the higher range of Xilinx Deep Learning Processing Unit (DPU) IP in the FPGA logic or Fabric. DPU can run or accelerate one or multiple CNN type of Neural Network (NN) inside it, NN accelerated inside DPU can give high performance interms of FPS , Throughput and Cost Per Stream (CPS). For running or accelerating any GPU trained model into DPU , the model have to converge/convert by doing Pruning, Quantization and Compilation as mentioned by Vitis AI flow or as example detailed by Vitis AI tutorials!

Xilinx has released KV260 development board or starter kit which is based on Kria SoM. KV260 has the MIPI, Ethernet , USB, DP, HDMI, like interfaces for taking input and sending output for external devices.

Xilinx Kria KV260 Starter Kit [Buy it from Xilinx, Cost- 199USD]

Xilinx also has released easy to run “Machine Learning Application” for KV260, these Application can be found at:

The Xilinx Kria Apps have following applications:

  1. SmartCam Application: For FaceDetect, Person Detect and Vehicle Detect
  2. AIBox ReID: For detection and re-identification for objects, person etc
  3. Defect Detection: For finding the defect on fruits and vegetables
  4. NLP-SmartVision: For audio keyword based Machine Learning Model switching

What LogicTronix have did on Kria SoM – KV260

As LogicTronix is “Certified Partner” of Xilinx and “Design Service Partner for Xilinx Kria SoM for AI/ML”, we have released multiple resources for the “ML Acceleration with FPGA” community.

Mainly we have Resources , Tutorials and Demo with Kria KV260 on:
  1. LogicTronix ANPR Solution for vehicle license plate detection, recognition and edge based GUI Solution: Video Demo
  2. Kria-KV260 Defect Detection Demo [for vegetables, fruits, product defect detect application]- Kria Apps with USB Camera and AR1335/AR0144: Video Demo
  3. Kria SoM- KV260 NLP SmartVision Demo [30 FPS]Video Demo
  4. Multi-Stream and Multi-Neural Network implementation on Kria SoM – KV260Video Demo Link
  5. Multi-Stream FaceDetect + ReID (AIBox ReID)Video Demo
  6. Xilinx Kria SmartCam Demo with Person and FaceDetect application published at Hackster.ioLink
  7. Creating Custom Kria Petalinux build with Custom Firmware (Platform+Overlay): an Hackster Tutorial [Link]
  8. SmartCam Person and FaceDetect video DemoYouTube Video Link

LogicTronix Hackster Channel:

LogicTronix Video Tutorials and Application Demo on Kria SoM – KV260 at YouTube [Link]
LogicTronix Kria Projects:
LogicTronix Kria SoM- KV260 Tutorials at Hackster.IO [Link]

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