Install Tensorflow on PYNQ

In this tutorial, we have presented the steps of installing Tensorflow 1.1.0 on PYNQ FPGA’s “pynq_z1_image_2016_09_14” OS. And exploring some basic project with tensorflow. This tutorial gives you an idea of how to install the TensorFlow on PYNQ FPGA Board and do the basic testing with it. Here is the basic test after installation of Tensorflow.

Tensorflow installed on PYNQ FPGA

Here is complete Step by Step tutorial [download PDF] : TensorFlow_Installation_on_PYNQ_Nov_6_2018

This Tutorial is based on the hillhao github. His steps is little fast, so we break down into the detail tutorial. The Tutorial PDF is attached on the attachment!

This tutorial also have been published at Hackster by our CEO, Krishna Gaihre:

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