Machine Learning with VCU1525 FPGA

Machine Learning with Xilinx VCU1525 with Nimbix Cloud Accelerator Platform:

This tutorial shows on “how to accelerate the YoloV2 for Object Detection on the Xilinx VCU1525 FPGA” Device with Nimbix Cloud Accelerator Platform.

This session is on “Accelerating YOLO V2 for Object Detection on VCU1525” and “Accelerating the Image Classification Algorithm on Xilinx Alveo FPGA”. This implementation run on the Xilinx xDNN architecture on VCU1525 and Alveo FPGA.

Application of “Object Detection” system is on Security, Computer Vision, Autonomous Vehicle etc. This system is also portable on the AWS EC2 F1, so that high resolution video can be processed on this project at AWS EC2 F1 instance.

For accelerating your application on VCU1525 or Alveo, please write us at: or