Kria-KV260 Webinar- Xilinx

LogicTronix is collaborating with Xilinx as of “Partner for Kria for AI/ML” with Webinar, Solution Demo and Reference tutorial. Know more, Xilinx-LogicTronix-Kria SoM [Link].
LogicTronix is also Certified Partner of Xilinx, visit Certified Partner Page for LogicTronix Services and IP Cores!

We are organizing Webinar on “Kria SoM- KV260 Development and Machine Learning Acceleration” at March 3rd 2022. This webinar is hosted by Xilinx and LogicTronix will be sharing the unique ML Acceleration flows with Vitis AI + VVAS and Petalinux development with it for custom solutions in this webinar.

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