Low Cost FPGA Boards

First of All, Lets have a list of boards:

The best low cost FPGA Board are [Some of Xilinx Boards; For Intel-Altera please see at terasic.com]:

Note: We only have experience with Xilinx, Digilent (Nexys, Basys, PYNQ, Zybo etc) , Avnet (ZedBoard, Ultra96) , Tul(PYNQ Z2)  , Numato(Mimas V2) and Terasic Boards. This list was prepared from some references and respective FPGA Board websites.
Low Cost FPGA Boards:
  1. Tiny FPGA Cost range from $12-40$ : Link
  2. <$30 Spartan 3 FPGA Board from Numato: Link
  3. $49 Numato Mimas V2 Spartan 6 FPGA Board: Link
  4. $75 Cmod A7 from Digilent: Breadboardable Artix-7 FPGA Module ,
  5. $75 TE0722-Tenz Electronic GmbH
  6. $85 MYC-Y7Z010 CPU Module-MYIR Tech Limited
  7. $89 Avnet MiniZed,
Medium Cost [Low] FPGA Boards:
  • $119 Arty A7 from Digilent : Artix-7 FPGA Development Board for Makers and
  • $127 ZynqBerry from Trenz Electronic– Zynq-7010 in Raspberry Pi form factor
Medium Cost [High] FPGA Boards:
  1. $178, Avnet PicoZed
  2. $199, AES-Z7MB-7Z010-G- AVNET Microzed
  3. $199 PYNQ-Z1 Python Productivity for Zynq from Digilent, Inc.
  4. <$199, PYNQ Z2 FPGA board from TUL: FPGA Board Link ; Buy Board from TUL Supplier: Link
Other Best boards are [$100–$300 Range]
  • BASYS 3 FPGA Board -$149,
  • Zybo FPGA Board from Digilent, Inc.-$199.
  • Ultra 96 Board from Avnet [Ultra96 Zynq UltraScale+ ZU3EG Development Board] – $249 
Some Low Cost to Medium Cost FPGA Board Manufacturer and Supplier’s:
  1. Digilent, Inc.
  2. Avnet, Inc.
  3. Tenz Electronics
  4. Intel Altera FPGA Boards: Terasic.com
  5. Numato
Some Open Source FPGA:
  1. PYNQ FPGA Board: Pynq.io
  2. Red Pitaya FPGA Board: redpitaya.com
  3. Tiny FPGA Cost range from $12-40$ : Link
  4. Papilio FPGA Board
  5. For more details of Open Source Boards, please search for “open source FPGA boards” at your search engine!

For more Low Cost FPGA Board, Please visit: FPGA Research in Nepal/Low Cost FPGA Board (Click here)

Open VHDL and Verilog Source Websites:
  1. Opencores.org for VHDL/Verilog cores/designs
  2. http://hamsterworks.co.nz [few sources are open sourced]
  3. Free Cores, for VHDL/Verilog Cores/Designs: freecores.github.io