About Us

LogicTronix is an FPGA Design and Machine Learning Company. We provide Machine Learning Acceleration solutions over Edge and Cloud with FPGA. Our major clients are of Automotive for Autonomous Driving, Surveillance , Security and Video Analytics industry. Our mission , vision statements and objectives are:

“Providing best and competitive design services on FPGA Design and Machine Learning Acceleration”

“Leading global marketplace of FPGA Design and Machine Learning Acceleration”
  • Delivering the turnkey solutions on FPGA , Machine Learning Acceleration and Embedded Design
  • Enhancing the Research and Development for FPGA Design with inhouse resource and on collaboration with other partner companies.
Our Area of Expertise
  • Machine Learning acceleration on Edge and Cloud with FPGA for Computer Vision, Autonomous Driving, and Cloud based applications.
  • Computer Vision Application Development with Xilinx Zynq Family FPGA and  VHDL/Verilog, High Level Synthesis ( C/C++ OpenCV),Embedded C (for SDK programming for software application) along with Tcl and  Bash.
  • FPGA Development with Intel Altera tools [Quartus Prime] and FPGA’s.
  • We develop Baremetal or FreeRTOS or Linux based embedded system tools targeting the SoC (Zynq 7000 & Ultrascale+MPSoC) FPGA.
  • Development, Implementation and Migration of Projects to ZC702 and MPSoC FPGA from Xilinx.
  • Machine Learning Acceleration with Xilinx VCU1525 and Alveo FPGA with AWS , Nimbix or Standalone mode.
  • Acceleration of OpenCL applications on SDAccel tool for VCU1525 and Alveo
  • Crypto-mining application development: Implementing CryptonightV7, Skunk, X17 and X16r/s algorithms targeting VCU1525/BCU1525, Alveo and CVP-13.
Other Development’s at LogicTronix:
  • As of our “Democratizing FPGA Education All Over the World” initiative, we are also providing Online Courses on “FPGA/VHDL/Verilog and HLS/OpenCL” at Low cost or FREE  at Udemy. We have featured course of “Video Processing with FPGA” at Udemy which includes LAB on Test Pattern Generator, VDMA, Video Mixer implementation on FPGA.
  • Image/Video Processing with Pynq FPGA (Python+Zynq) FPGA, accelerating computer vision algorithm on PYNQ along with ML acceleration.
Our Collaboration:
We are collaborating different companies over different countries on FPGA Design, Machine Learning , Electronic Hardware Design and  Robotics. We are collaborating the FPGA Device Manufacturer, IP designing companies and Product development companies for providing holistic solution to our clients on Automotive, Industrial, Surveillance and Manufacturing Sectors.
Know More about us

Our Portfolio: LogicTronix [dot] com_Portfolio

Machine Learning Portfolio: LogicTronix[dot]com_ML_Portfolio

Crypto-Development Portfolio [X16r/X17 Work]: Crypto-Portfolio

White Paper and Reference Guide from LogicTronix on FPGA Design

We have listed our White Paper on FPGA and Machine Learning Acceleration at: LogicTronix-White-Paper

For our reference guides and resources, please visit: logictronix.com/our-resources/ . If you are interested on these resources then do send us email at: info@logictronix.com

  1. Crypto Algorithm Implementation on FPGA: We have worked on Cryptonight V7, Skunk hash, X17 algorithm for our clients.
  2. Verilog/VHDL and Tcl Reference Guide
  3. VIVADO Design suit Reference Guide
  4. Answer Record on Debugging at Device Startup (VIVADO ILA Trigger at Startup)
  5. Reference Guide: FPGA Design with OpenCL
  6. Reference Manual: Very High Speed Packet Processing System and Architecture: FPGA and Heterogeneous Computing Methodology
  7. Tcl Scripting for VIVADO Design’s for automation and Design/Verification: Reference Guide