Our Services

LogicTronix is “Design Service Partner of Xilinx Kria SoM for AI/ML”, know more about LogicTronix-Xilinx Partnership: Link

We are organizing webinar on “Kria-SoM based ML acceleration and Petalinux Development” hosted by Xilinx: Register-Kria Webinar-Xilinx

We offer following services to our Customers:

  1. Machine Learning Acceleration with Vitis-AI/DNNDK on Xilinx Kria SoM-KV260, Zynq MPSoC/7000  FPGA, Cloud [AWS/Nimbix] & Edge. Check our “Machine Learning Portfolio” or Visit: LogicTronix-ML-Solutions
  2. Creating custom solutions with Xilinx VVAS for Kria SoM-KV260 and MPSoC FPGA devices.
  3. Developing Solutions as Kria Apps for Kria KV260 and MPSoC board. 
  4. Solution development for ADAS, Security and Surveillance applications with 4k/2k based video processing capability.
  5. Vitis/VIVADO based custom solution implementation on computer vision, signal processing and embedded applications
  6. FPGA Design and Development with RTL/HDL Flow | HLS flow |IP Flow | OpenCL Flow.
  7. IP Design & Verification and Migration
  8. Software Development & Driver Development [Linux/Windows]
  9. SDAccel/OpenCL acceleration on Accelerator FPGA and Cloud for Custom applications
  10. Crypto-Algorithm & Blockchain implementation on FPGA [High End FPGAs]
  11. Developing ultra-low latency designs or IP Cores for Finance (HFT), Medical and Mission Critical applications.
Embedded Linux based Development: Petalinux | Yocto | Buildroot
  1. Embedded System development with SoC FPGA’s.
  2. Linux driver development, Tcl Scripting & Bash Scripting
  3. Petalinux Development: Developing Petalinux Applications as Gstreamer-app for video streaming with ML acceleration
  4. Petalinux Development: developing solution with Multi threading, multi-processing , implementing Baremetal+Petalinux flow on OpenAMP. Developing time/latency critical applications and solutions.
  5. FreeRTOS Development for Computer Vision and Signal Processing Applications with Xilinx Zynq MPSoC and 7000 FPGA
Consultation and Design Migration:
  1. Consulting on FPGA Selection, Design Methodology and Product Development.
  2. Migrating Xilinx 6 series of FPGA design into Xilinx 7 Series FPGA.
  3. Inter-vendor FPGA design Migration: Migrating design from one to another vendor-tool or platform-  Xilinx, Intel & Microchip.

For our design services and products inquiry/information, please write to: info@logictronix.com or sales@logictronix.com