Installing Vmware Workstation Pro in Windows

Installing Vmware Workstation Pro in Windows: Tutorial Link [PDF]

Let’s get started. Installing the software is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is to download the installer from the website, run it and follow the instructions. Below are the steps:

Step 1- Link for downloading the software is this.

Download the software for windows. Good thing is that there is no signup process. Click and download begins. The software is around 400 MB.

Step 2- Locate the downloaded file. It should probably be in the download folder by default if you have not changed the settings in your browser.

The file name should be something like VMware-workstation-full-12.1.0-3272444.exe. This file name can change depending on the version of the software currently available for download. But for now, till the next version is available, they will all be VMware Workstation 12 Pro.

Step 3- For demonstration purpose, we have placed the downloaded installer on my desktop.

Find the installer on your system and double-click to launch the application.

Figure 1 VMware workstation 12 pro for windows 10 installer file screenshot.

Step 4- Now you should see User Access Control (UAC) dialog box.

Click yes to continue.

Step 5- Setup wizard dialog box should appear now.

Press next to continue.

Step 6- This time you should see the End User Licence Agreement dialog box.

Check “I accept the terms in the Licence Agreement” box and press next to continue.

Step 7- Select the folder in which you would like to install the application.

There is no harm in leaving the defaults as it is. Also, select Enhanced Keyboard Driver checkbox.

Step 8- Next you are asked to select “Check for Updates” and “Help improve VMware Workstation Pro”.

Do as you wish. I normally leave it to defaults that is unchecked.

Step 9- Next step is to select the place you want the shortcut icons to be placed on your system to launch the application.

Please select both the options, desktop and start menu and click next.

Step 10- Now you see the begin installation dialog box.

Click install to start the installation process.

Below screenshot shows Installation in progress. Wait for this to complete.

At the end, you will see installation complete dialog box. Click finish and you are done with the installation process.

Step 11- After the installation completes, you should see the VMware Workstation icon on the desktop.

Double click on it to launch the application.

Step 11- If you see the dialog box asking for a license key, click on trial or enter the license key.

Then what you have is the VMware Workstation 12 Pro running on your windows 10 desktop. If you don’t have the license key, you will have 30 days trial.

Step 12- At some point, if you decide to buy, click on get a license key to buy a license or enter a license key if you already have one.

You can enter the 25 character license key in the dialog box shown below and click OK. Now you have the license version of the software. The option to enter license key is also available from Help Menu-> Enter license Key.

This is all!

Now you are ready for working with VM!


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