1. White-Paper on “Pruning Neural Network for Inferencing on Vitis-AI/DNNDK & FPGA”, LogicTronix-WPL053: PDF Link [Read-Now]
  2. White-Paper on “BF16 Performance Evaluation for solving Differential Equations using Neural Network”, WPL061: PDF Link [Read Now]

Reference Tutorials

  1. Video Mixer feature Implementation on Zynq FPGA: PDF Link
  2. Deephi DNNDK [Vitis-AI] Tutorial for Ultra96: PDF Link
  3. YoloV3-tiny: Darknet to Caffe with Xilinx DNNDK : PDF Link
  4. PetaLinux Development with the Custom VIVADO Project [LED Controller Project] : PDF Link
  5. Installing Vmware Workstation Pro in Windows: PDF Link
  6. Installing Petalinux on Ubuntu or CentOS: PDF Link
  7. DPU TRD for ZCU104: Web Link

Reference Guides: We have released following reference guides

  • Reference Guide on VHDL
  • Reference Guide on Verilog
  • Reference Guide on Tcl Scripting for FPGA Design

For Reference Guides, please write us at: info@logictronix.com

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