Linux for FPGA Design

Linux has large set of Implication on FPGA Design. There are many distro’s which supports FPGA Design Tool [we are talking about Xilinx VIVADO], the preferred distro’s are: Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat, SUSE etc.

Linux for FPGA Design:

  1. FPGA Design Tools can be installed on Linux Distro’s
  2. Linux can be used for building the FPGA bit files and sources [Bootable File], the linux commands allow to design any FPGA design more faster than following the VIVADO GUI.
  3. Installation of PetaLinux on Linux can be done for creating the embedded processing systems [bootable files].
  4. Development of Drivers on the Linux is more preferred for FPGA’s: as example writing the driver for PCI Express application for FPGA is preferred on Linux.

How to install Xilinx VIVADO on Ubuntu Operating System?

Here is the Tutorial: how-to-install-vivado-on-ubuntu

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For the Selection of Best Linux: Here is one Slideshare Link:

Meanwhile, the popular OS for FPGA Development is Ubuntu then CentOS and then RedHat! We mostly use Ubuntu for VIVADO and Petalinux Development. While we also have few tutorial on VIVADO/Petalinux Tutorial with CentOS.