Why to Learn FPGA

Why to Learn FPGA Design?

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)  is an reconfigurable hardware development platform (chip or device). The market of FPGA is growing rapidly, according to marketandmarkets, “FPGA Market worth 9.50 Billion USD by 2023”.

So the Global Opportunities on FPGA is increasing exponentially because of it’s use from Embedded Processing, IoT to Data Center’s [Amazon EC2 F1]. Now Xilinx and Altera are the main player of the FPGA market in which Altera is acquired by Intel just a year back.Now Intel is releasing it’s CPU with FPGA , “Intel Ships Xeon Skylake Processor with Integrated FPGA

Both Xilinx and Altera have similar market share on the global FPGA market so you can have relevant FPGA Design Skills so you can be hired with big packages.

Academic Excellence: Most of the renowned Universities and Institutes offer Undergraduate , Graduate Programs  and PhD Programs on FPGA Design, Embedded System Design, VLSI Design and Verification. After you graduated form the well background university there is huge possibility of getting hired from the Global Companies around your country or from abroad.

Why to Use FPGA on any Design: from Slideshare

application of fpgaको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

What are the Application of FPGA? From: Slideshare

application of fpgaको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

application of fpgaको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

How to Get Job on FPGA?

Just look up at the global job site and type a keyword “FPGA”, you will get the list according to the position/company details and the location. Many international companies offer the best package plan and relocation plan after you selected.

Some of Job Site for searching FPGA Jobs are:

  1. Adzuna UK [FPGA Job Search]
  2. Seek [FPGA-Jobs]
  3. Jora [FPGA-Hardware-Design-Engineer-jobs-in-Australia]
  4. Indeed [Fpga-Design-Engineer-jobs]
  5. Glassdoor [FPGA-engineer-jobs]
  6. Amazon Job Search[ FPGA-engineer]
  7. Facebook [Careers FPGA]
  8. Naukri.com [FPGA-design-engineer-jobs]
What are the Skillset required for FPGA Design?
  1. Verilog/VHDL Programming [most needed]
  2. C/C++ Programming for High Level Synthesis [best preferred to have]
  3. OpenCL, Python and OpenCV Framework
  4. Tcl Scripting & Bash Scripting
  5. Linux Driver Development
  6. Different High Speed Bus Interface Idea [PCIe, AXI, Avalon etc.]
  7. Communication Standards [UART, CAN, I2C , SPI etc.]
  8. Display Standard [VGA, HDMI, USB etc.]

How to Get this FPGA Design Skill-Set’s???

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How to Get Freelancing Job/Project? Any Freelancing Sites?

What is the Full Time Job possibility in FPGA Desgin?

According to IT Jobs Watch, here is the graph of vacancy of Senior FPGA Design Engineer.

What is the Salary for the FPGA Engineer?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for FPGA Engineer is $89k. And Payscale shows that the median salary for FPGA Engineer is $99k.

Here is an details of salaries for FPGA Engineer:

Here is the Salary trend of FPGA Design Engineer from IT Jobs Watch:

Salary trend for Senior FPGA Design Engineer in the UK

Here is the Sample Resume of FPGA Design Engineer , see:  VelvetJobs

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